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Special thanks to substitute gamemaker Xigbar/Halo for running HGOFT 38.  I was finding running the games to be taxing as I relocate across the country and work full time.  However I’ve come up with a new system that should make things way easier for me and for the tributes.  That said, I still need applicants to take the remaining spots while I work out the last details of the revamped HGOFT gameplay system.

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Behold, This Year’s Valedictorian

Awkwardly, the three girls from different Districts stood in the elevator. Two of them were watching each other with cautious eyes. The third girl, Elizabeth, did not stare at her competition. Instead, the girl from seven was humming a song, her bloodied axe swinging behind her back as she rocked to and fro with it. Ignoring the girl and her psychotic state of mind, Vendetta and Kenna sized each other up. Both girls knew that the other was extremely dangerous and would probably be their biggest threat. At one point, they both thought about taking out the other in the elevator right then and there. They decided against it, however, because they knew what that would cost them: the crown.

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Anonymous asked: "When is the final battle getting posted"

Either tonight or tomorrow I have been told by this game’s game maker.

-HGM Austin

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Open Tribute Spots

For the 39th annual Hunger Games of Tumblr, 15 spots remain.  See above for available districts, Click here to apply

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I will be taking control of HGOFT again for game 39 but there will be changes, to pretty much everything.  

Answering asks before I get them:

  • What about how we submit


  • What about deadlines


  • What about pregame tasks


  • What about sponsors


  • Why are you doing this

to make it easier for the tributes, but more importantly me.  

-HGM Austin

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The Final Battle Task:

There are only three of you left alive. On making it this far, I congratulate you. However, your journey is far from over. All three of you will have noticed that the gate locking the entrance to the fourth floor, an elevator has vanished. All three of you are to meet there and ascend to the fourth and final floor together. Be warned, if any of you try to attack another tribute before it is indicated that the final battle has begun, you will be killed right then and there.

Once the elevator has stopped and the doors slide open, you will see a marvelous room before you. It is called the court room, and it is where the future victor will be crowned. 

The room is large and circular. The walls are a royal blue color. Golden curtains hang from the walls. In the center of the room, there is a set of podiums. You will notice that in 21 of them, there lies a stand. At the top of each stand is the face of one of the tributes that have died in the games thus far. A big red X covers their face. Three of the podiums remain uninhabited. Once the elevator doors slide open, you are each to go to one of the three podiums. You will all stand there until you hear Monobear, your principal, say “Go!” If you move before he says go, you will die.

After that happens, it’s a free for all. That’s it, tributes. That’s your task. Describe to me how you defeat the other two tributes and claim the title of victor as your own.


To answer some questions beforehand because I know I will get them:

  • The podiums are made of wood.
  • No you cannot move them.
  • You cannot burn them.
  • You cannot burn the curtains.
  • You cannot go back into the elevator. 
  • Etc.

The final task is due Sunday @ 11:59PM CST. Don’t be late, tributes.

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Anonymous asked: "Which spots are taken?"

Both in District 3, Both in District 10, and the Female for District 11.

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on chat

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Final Task will be up later today.

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Bombtastic Love

Mondo and Junko, having made an unlikely alliance the night before, sat back to back in the classroom, their eyes drooping from lack of sleep. They had both stayed up all night in fear of being ambushed. At some point during their night watch, the pair thought they heard something scratching at their door, but they decided against going to check it out, dismissing it as bugs or rats.

Now, with the sun shining through the windows and warming up the room, Junko and Mondo decided that they needed to start moving. Gathering up their meager supplies, the two started for the door. They didn’t make it far, however, for as soon as Mondo gently eased the door open, everything around them went up in flames. Two cannons fired one after the other as the sound of the explosion echoed through the empty halls of the school.

Peering out of the classroom next to where Mondo and Junko had stayed, Asia let out a flurry of laughs. She had been watching the pair ever since they had decided to become allies. That was their first mistake, leaving themselves wide open like that. All Asia had to do was set up a trap right outside the door with the remainder of her dynamite. Junko and Mondo did the rest by themselves. Satisfied with her work, Asia gathered her supplies and ran for her next destination, the art room, a place where many other tributes had decided to go to as well…

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4 Way Death Match

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hungergamesofpanem asked: "Would you mind giving us a promo? Our games will start next week and we have a few spots left~Fay"

Sure thing, apply

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Apologies for the Delay

The person in charge of writing the results should have it done soon.

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For the people that sent in requests to reserve a spot, yes you have them.  I’m just keeping your asks in my inbox so I remember.

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