The 40th games have officially begun. Optional pre-bloodbath tasks have been assigned.
Anonymous whispered: What do you do professionally?

I started as head of the social media department at a marketing firm, but then the PR person got fired for being a scrub so I took over that department to.  We do marketing, social media, distribution, and celebrity allignment with various brands like pepsi/l’oreal

Anonymous whispered: Do you know if there were "Hunger Games" RPGs before plans for the film were released? I doubt it, but it would be interesting.

On Tumblr I’m not sure.  I know there’s been some on other websites that have been around for like 7 years or something.

Also lol I forgot I had to write posts.

Reminder to submit


The task will now be due tomorrow instead because of extension requests,

Anonymous whispered: Will sponsors be available this round?

This round they won’t be.  For those who didn’t make the connection, the numbers on your arm bands are your sponsor points but to fit the theme of this arena it’s working a bit differently.  Thing should be clear in the next set of results.  

As tributes find dark corners of the hallways to rest for a few minutes, they realize these hallways have more than just four corridors.  While there do seem to be exits should they walk far enough away from the starting area, as of now the outdoor section is a mystery until it is visited.  

The only things that can be heard are random whispers among other tributes, footsteps from them, and a strange clicking noise that doesn’t seem to be from any tribute.  Looking down at their arm bands, tributes find that their numbers have once again increased. 

In the map above, the direction names are approximately where the tributes that chose to head in that direction are now.  The colored arrows indicate exits, and the purple shapes indicate sources of the strange sounds.  

As of now, the numbers on everyones arm bands are:

As of now, all that can be revealed about the numbers is when someone reaches the desired value, it will become obvious what their meaning is.  

Your task is to describe how you proceed with all the information provided.  There is much more to see than the current setting.  Remember that while no one will die from starvation or thirst, tributes that are more appropriately sustained will perform better than those that don’t.  

Your task is due this Thursday.  


Task, map, and other information about the games will come tomorrow (this is being psoted friday night, so saturday)


Those that have first aid kits find inside two rolls of bandages, a bag of cotton balls, a pack of rubber gloves, a pain-killing syrup, and antibacterial cream.  

Those with picnic baskets find a small box of nails, a hammer, a handsaw, and goggles.

Those with tool kits find enough food to last the rest of the games in sandwiches and sports drinks.  

Those with yellow bottles test to find it is simply water. 

Those with red bottles test to find it is bitter but safe, as it is vinegar.  

Bloodbath Part 6

Neville, Lysander, Marquis, and Nova found themselves to be the last four at the cornucopia.  Quickly they dashed for the last few weapons, grabbing whatever they could and attacking the first thing they could see.  Nova immediately grabbed a pitchfork and started chasing Marquis down.  Lysander grabbed a cricket bat while Neville slid on the MMA gloves quickly.  Lysander swung the cricket bat at Neville, who ducked and weaved under the assault.  As Lysander through all his weight forward, Neville punched him straight in the knee, breaking the joint.  He cried out with a yelp as Neville socked him across the eye socket, breaking that as well.  Lysander looked up out of a swollen and blurred eye to see Neville’s figure standing over him with a cricket bat. 

Nova shoved the pitchfork forward straight into the wall.  Marquis ducked under and pulled Nova’s ankle, bringing her to the ground.  He let loose the pitchfork and jammed it right into her throat before twisting the weapon.  He looked up with determination to see Neville standing over Lysander’s bashed-in head and a bloodied cricket bat slung over his shoulder.  Neville locked eyes with Marquis and never broke contact as he grabbed two cracker packs and turned away down towards the north corridor. 

Marquis reached down and took the remaining items, two cracker packs, a tool kit, bottle of pills, glowstick, and sanitizer, deciding to take the most abandoned hallway, towards the south.  Both of the surviving members found their arm bands to read 250.  

Bloodbath Part 5

Lyanna couldn’t bring herself to gathering a weapon, having instead taken a yellow bottle and a stop watch.  As she turned to run, Morpheus tried yanking at the back of her hair and beating her in the face.  With a shriek, Lyanna kicked upward and hit Morpheus in the jaw, sending him stumbling back into Wallace.  Already wearing an armored vest, Wallace shoved his pitchfork into the back of Morpheus, erecting three metal spikes from his chest cavity.  Morpheus coughed up some blood as his dead body slid off the weapon slowly.  Wallace looked down at his wrist to see it reach 250 and spotted one of the last usb drives, pocketing it.  He looked to Dallas, gripping a yellow bottle, orange lighter, and hand sanitizer which he all put in his first aid kit.  The two nodded to each other and ran north, watching each other’s backs.  Watching both of theirs was Lyanna, who looked back at them before turning and heading west. 

Xavier meanwhile had been hiding on top of the cornucopia, slowly picking up contents that could be reached.  Silently, Xavier ran off with the two sling shots and 2 spare pellets, taking them west after Lyanna

Bloodbath Part 4

Hetta immediately shipped her shoe upwards at the light above the cornucopia, bathing the sight in shadows.  Gripping the glass shard in her hand she began to cut into the carpet as her ally gathered items.  With a hand sanitizer and glowstick in hand already, Margaux reached down and grabbed a handful of spiked pellets.  She reached down to her shoelace, considering making a sling but realized there was no elasticity to these laces.  Instead she quickly pelted a spiked ball at a sound coming from behind her.  Aia reached her arm band just in time to stop the pellet.  Her screen cracked and fizzled out, giving her concern.  Margaux threw the pellets again but Aia ducked and rolled out of the way. 

Kellin screamed as he got a spiked pellet in the eye.  He turned and clawed the air in Margaux’s direction but was suddenly tackled by Hetta.  She shoved the length of cut carpet over his head and gave her orange lighter a flick, setting the boy on fire.  Across the cornucopia, Aia had just done the same with a blue lighter and by spreading hand sanitizer over Laurel’s face before lighting it.  The two pyros dashed off in opposite directions, with Aia hearing clicking from her arm band but seeing nothing through the cracked screen.  She held a bottle of each color, some hand sanitizer, a blue lighter, and the pocket watch as she headed east. 

Margaux and Hetta headed west with the other tributes, having collected between the two of them a shoe, usb drive, boomerang, screwdriver, sanitizer, glowstick, pellets, and the collapsible baton which Margaux used to bash away the lights as she headed down the west corridor with Hetta.  The only light glowing from Hetta’s arm band indicating the number 250.  

Bloodbath Part 3

Beacon turned with caution as he entered the cornucopia.  A quick snatch of a usb drive and the coil of rope.  He grimaced briefly as he spotted Prometheus running off with the wire, but quickly changed his demeanor upon seeing his partner.  Valkyrie put her shoe on the dead Taylor, freeing her shovel from being embedded in her skull.  She swung the shovel again and caught Jack by the throat, watching as the sharp metal spewed out a stream of blood.  As the two cannons fired, she looked down to see her arm band start counting up, stopping at 500.  She pocketed a red bottle and three glowsticks before heading west with her ally, Beacon.  

Bloodbath Part 2

Cygna was stunned, she didn’t know any of these people nor understood why she was suddenly in the games, but as she noticed the clock was striking zero, she thought no further and ran forward.  She knew food would be important so she grabbed three packs of crackers and a yellow bottle.  She darted in and out of tributes struggling with each other and stuffed all the contents gathered into a picnic basket.  Before speeding off, she reached for a blue lighter and bumped into Kitty.  The two fell back and quickly collected their items before both heading off towards the east.  In Kitty’s hands she clutched a screwdriver, stopwatch, hand sanitizer, and the change of clothes.  


Kalziar too had a picnic basket, but after watching the girls collide he decided to head west instead.  He knew that the red bottle, the hand sanitizer, and the screwdriver were safe inside his basket and would figure out how to use them later.  Ellanora meanwhile had stuffed a first aid kit and a red bottle into an empty backpack and slung it over her shoulders before spotting the bow.  There were no arrows but she was determined to get the weapon.  Running close to the cornucopia, she heard some footsteps around her that gave her alarm.  Martina and Prometheus had collided with her, each of which were grabbing whatever they could from the inner cornucopia.  Martina reached a hand out, threatening to scratch Ellanora across the face when Prometheus appeared surprisingly.  His inside-out jacket made it harder for him to be seen, giving him his opportunity to sling a length of wire around Martina’s neck.  Ellanora rolled to her feet and dashed away to the North in fear, turning back only to see a stream of blood spurt from Martina’s neck.  

Prometheus heard Martina’s cannon fire followed by a slight ticking sound.  Looking down at his wrist, Prometheus noticed his arm band had numbers increasing quickly, to 250.  Before leaving, he gathered his and his victim’s contents, including the wire, a usb drive, a bottle of pills, a first aid kit, some crackers, and a backpack to fit it all in.  He started walking towards the east, looking back briefly to consider returning to the cornucopia, but marched onward.  

Bloodbath Part 1

With a hushed silence and 30 seconds remaining on the clock, all was silent except for Delf’s platform.  The sound of a mechanical gears slowly working to lower her platform back down to the launch room could be heard.  Suddenly a gunshot echoed out.  By the time the clock was left with three seconds, a new girl had reaplced Delf, standing on the now blood-splattered platform.  Cygna Souffle stared at her new competitors in fear and confusion, receiving the same glances back.  

Meet Cygna

Anonymous whispered: Did you ask her which Hunger Games she won? If you meet any more victors, please ask them!

No I couldnt ask her too much bc they had to do a photo shoot on a deadline.  But I asked how she won and said it was down to her and a career that got injured and bled out before he could find her bc of camoflage