The 40th games have officially begun. Optional pre-bloodbath tasks have been assigned.
sansaofwinterfelll whispered: Yo ok favorite Games was 16- the Resurrection game/My Sign is Stop (for reasons other than my own victory but that's a plus too), with 14/Jungle Boogie as a runner-up. Wishing I could vote either Aoife or Shirin as favorite victor but that's probs cheating so Imma go with both Zoe and Tyler.

propsmasterofthehouse whispered: Well, to this day my favorite game is still HGOFT3. But I also really liked 33 (the Hindu one) and 20 (calendar).

Anonymous whispered: Favorite games would definitely have to be 20th (zombie apocalypse). Favorite arena would probably be a tie between the 3rd (the windmill) or the 4th (the canvas).

Anonymous whispered: so since it seems like hgoft is kinda over, you should do a hgoft awards thing. like pick your all time fave games, tributes, kills, arena, idk it would be cool

Sounds appropriate, send in your favorites in the meanwhile since its not only my opinion that matters.

Anonymous whispered: Anon, why you have to throw shade on this blog because you and your friends are basic, insecure and incompetent at your own games?

Its ok lol everyones over games anyways

Anonymous whispered: Thank you for taking part in my experiment. Have a nice day!


Anonymous whispered: Just trying to make a point.


Anonymous whispered: Arguing not just with anons but with you as well


Anonymous whispered: All hunger games rps are the same so why are you all hating on HGOP? This blog can get pretty crap sometimes as well as everyone other one. Also, before hating find all of the facts.

this is what I picture whenever the anons try to argue with each other:


Anonymous whispered: HGOP got deleted? Good! Those bitches had no class and no swag. Who's next?

Anonymous whispered: Who had hgop access last?

idk tbh I stopped paying attention to hgop like 6 games ago tho i doubt im not the only one

Anonymous whispered: What other HG RPGs are still up and running? What happened to HGOP?

Lol like none.  HGOP was irresponsibly given away to whoever wanted blog access and unfortunately got into the hands of someone who was butthurt they didnt win so they just deleted everything

Anonymous whispered: What do you do professionally?

I started as head of the social media department at a marketing firm, but then the PR person got fired for being a scrub so I took over that department to.  We do marketing, social media, distribution, and celebrity allignment with various brands like pepsi/l’oreal

Anonymous whispered: Do you know if there were "Hunger Games" RPGs before plans for the film were released? I doubt it, but it would be interesting.

On Tumblr I’m not sure.  I know there’s been some on other websites that have been around for like 7 years or something.

Also lol I forgot I had to write posts.

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