The 40th games have officially begun. Optional pre-bloodbath tasks have been assigned.
Anonymous whispered: Our interviews and everything, are they being posted as is?

They will be adjusted slightly just for continuity


Today all of the optional tasks are due.  Yes it is optional, but those that do them will be in better shape for the arena.  Do as much or as little as you want, and request extensions so long as they are brief.  

Anonymous whispered: For the parade, can we do something that is specific to our tribute or do we have to something that is specific to District 13?

Either or both are fine. 

Anonymous whispered: So for training stations, if we don't specify an area within a station, do we get general knowledge of that station? (E.g. Specializing in "spears" under pole weapons will give me knowledge of spears, but just specifying pole weapons will give me some knowledge of all of them.) along the same lines, if we want to specialize in spears and staffs under pole weapons, does that count as 1 station or 2?

You have it correct basically.  If you want general pole weapons knowledge that would count as 1 station.  If you want specifics, like spears that is one station.  If you want specifics spears AND lances or something, that would be 2 stations.  



Task(s) 1: Optional Pre-Bloodbath Events

First, be sure to read the entirety of this post, a lot of things are different and if you just assume they are the same as every other game you will perform the task incorrectly.

Note that the following tasks are optional, but completing them will give you an advantage in the arena.  Those that excel will get an exclusive advantage, something other than just sponsor points. These can also be any length, but rewards will be distributed based on effort and quality.

As there are quite a few tasks to accomplish, you will be given plenty of time to work on these.  All of the above tasks will be due Next Tuesday.  It does not matter which time during Tuesday, so long as they are completed before I start posting results on Wednesday.  If you need an extension, just mention that you would like one, so long as it’s not too ridiculously long.  

*Final note: Bonus points for those that use HGOFT’s official staff in their tasks. 

Brief Notice

Some of you are veteran players to my games, some are playing for the first time.  Just tp keep everyone informed, here is a brief few notes about how these games work and how I make my decisions as a game maker.  


Now that all the tributes have been reaped, spend some time getting to know them.  The tribute page on the blog has been updated with all the urls of the players.  Alternatively, enter the chatroom to speak with your competitors and judge if you want to ally with them or not.  

Meet Prometheus

As one of the lucky few permitted to leave the district’s compound, Prometheus lead daily excursions into the outlying woods in search of decaying materials, still radioactive from the toxic bombs dropped years ago, in order to help provide energy for the district. His intellect and ingenuity qualified him to continue the energy research headed by his single mother, but his untimely reaping delayed such plans for his future.

Anonymous whispered: are the spots mentioned previously still open?

Only male spots are now open, send your tribute application asap please.


Now that all the tributes have been revealed, take this time to gett o know them, you never know who could be an ally to you.  Tonight there will be more updates to the blog, an introductory message, and your first task

Meet Neville

A bit of an oddball, Neville is one of District 13’s many inventory workers, constantly counting, murmuring numbers, and getting on the case of his coworkers.  Prone to rage attacks, Neville has been spotted angrily knocking over inventory if someone interrupts his counting.  Soon however he’d be counting his days once the reaping called for him to volunteer his life for the games.  His coworkers are secretly okay with this.  

Meet Marquis

A movie buff from District 13, he was the son of the film editor in charge of looping footage of the destroyed district, to make the rest of the districts aware of the Capitol’s power.  He too was headed down the road towards film production when the reaping unforuntely called him into action.  

Meet Ellanora

As she developed, Ellanora was developing her own set of skills.  First aid, or hunting.  Though she started her studies of medicine early, she found she had a knack for markmanship soon after and developed the two skills synchronously.  She knew she would have to make a decision if she wanted to be a healer or a hunter, and would have to make a final decision once she was selected for the reaping.  

Meet Xavier

Xavier doesn’t know much about happiness, but recognizes it in others. his family was one of the many to flee to District 13 after initial bombings.  He witnessed the death of his younger sister and hasn’t been the same since.  The only thing that seems to keep his mind at ease is doing aything with his hands whether whittling, knot-tying or paper folding, just to keep his mind occupied.  But all the fiddling in the world won’t be able to keep his mind at ease when it comes time for him to be reaped.